I Want to Adopt!

You’ve looked at the pictures, read the stories, and fallen in love.  Your new best friend is waiting…

What happens next?

First, fill out our online adoption application.  Once we’ve reviewed your application, we will contact you by phone within 48 hours.  If you wish, you may give us a call to make sure the pet you’re interested in is still available.  We work hard to keep our site current, and because our “fur-babies” are so popular (and cute!), sometimes it takes a few minutes for us to catch up.

If you live here locally, we invite you to stop by the shelter and meet the pet you are interested in.  Remember, animals in a rescue shelter may be frightened, nervous, or unsure of their circumstances, and the way they act at the shelter may be different than how they act in a loving and secure home.  Visit the “Contact” page for our hours and location.

Our adoption fee is $50 for dogs and $25 for cats.  If you are approved to adopt, you will need to think about picking up or transporting your new pet.  If you live close to the shelter, this part’s easy!  If you live off, we have a strong network for transporting animals through our volunteers and partner organizations.  Depending on the method of transportation, there may be a fee involved, but not necessarily.

When your pet arrives at his new home, it may take some time for him to adjust.  It is possible that your new friend may be hyperactive, shy, or not eat much at first.  This is normal; however, if you observe any behavior that concerns you, contact your vet.  If for any reason your new pet does not work out for you, you agree to return him to the Stephens County Humane Society.  He cannot be given to a third party, turned in to another shelter, or otherwise disposed of, so contact us immediately so we can help your pet find a new home.

Oftentimes, shelter pets have lived lives of uncertainty.  Others may have known a loving home for years, but unforeseen circumstances left them homeless.  Once they learn to love and trust you, you will build a lifetime of new memories together!


Max, adopted August 2013

4 thoughts on “I Want to Adopt!

  1. I (the website administrator) live off from the shelter and don’t have solid information on transports, but if you’ll go to the “Contact Us” page and call one of the numbers for adoptions and animal inquiries, they can talk with you more in depth about transport options. If you’d rather email them, you can use the contact form on that page and the shelter folks will receive your request directly. Thanks for visiting our webpage and for you interest in Victor!


  2. Hello Bob,
    You are our kind of people. We LOVE our fur babies and delight in finding them loving home. Please go to our website: littleshelterthatcould.com Across the top you will see ADOPT; it has a drop down menu; please fill out an adoption application and we will be in touch. Thanks for wanting to rescue this sweet heart!
    Stephens Co. Humane Society


  3. Hello Katherine,
    Thank you so much for your interest in Carlos. He is Mr. Personality! Unfortunately we do NOT have any connections with transports to Idaho. We appreciate you offer but we would have no way of getting him to you. Thanks for following out site and keep sharing.
    Stephens Co. Humane Society


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