About Us

We are a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue shelter located in Breckenridge, Texas.  We believe that we are all God’s creatures, so we work hard to place all of our fabulous “fur-babies” in loving homes!

We are located in a small community in rural Texas, and while many of our dogs and cats get adopted right here in Stephens County, we also work with partner organizations and individuals across the country until we find the right match for each animal in our care.  We can only do all of this because of the dedication of our small staff and team of volunteers, each of whom brings their own special talents and skills to our organization.  As such, we have become known as “The little shelter that could!”

The original Stephens County Animal Shelter was built in 1975 under the guidance of Ruth Hilgenberg, President of the local Humane Society.  When Mrs. Hilgenberg passed away in 1987, the Humane Society ceased to exist for ten years.  The Humane Society was newly chartered in 1997 by Mona Lasiter and Kathy O’Shields.  Their efforts in conjunction with the City of Breckenridge and Stephens County led to the construction of a new shelter in 2003.  The new shelter has 20 kennels, a cat room with 16 cages, a puppy room with 12 cages, and an isolation room.  In 2012, a large outside area was fenced in to provide a place for the dogs to exercise, play, and meet potential “fur-ever” families.

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Today, the Humane Society provides…

  • Medical treatment for animals
  • Shots and heart worm tests
  • Medications
  • Foster homes
  • Care and feed for fostered animals not housed at the shelter
  • Trailer for transportation of animals out of state
  • Grooming for shelter animals
  • Handles all adoptions
  • Contact for SPCA transfers
  • Coordinates with other rescue groups
  • Cost sharing for low cost spay and neutering

Together, the Humane Society and the Stephens County Animal Shelter are the Stephens County Animal Welfare Center.

We invite you to browse our available pets to see if your new best friend is waiting here for you.  If you have already spotted the pet you want to adopt, fill our our online adoption application.  If you have other questions about the shelter, please contact us.

Thanks for visiting our website!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. This is the website manager, and I am not in Breckenridge, but to the best of my knowledge we still have Astro! (He is scheduled to drop onto the website this afternoon.) I would go ahead and complete the online adoption application, because I expect him to go fast. Boxers make such great pets!


  2. Do you take in animals? There’s this female
    dog that has been around my house for a few weeks now. She doesn’t have a collar and I posted her and no one has claimed her or want to adopt her. I think she was dropped off down my road. She’s been terrorizing and fighting with my little dogs. I’m out of options on what to do!


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