Willie (Adopted!)

WILLIE is a big big boy and just as gentle as he is big. Willie is a purebred MASTIFF that is 1 year old this month Willie weighs in at 130 pounds so he is not an apartment size dog. This boy needs a big place and a big yard although he is really very active. This boy is already housebroken so you don’t have the puppy stuff to go through.

If you are interested in giving this gentle giant a home, please give us your application which you can find here. WILLIE needs your shares and prayers to find a home. You know these big ones are always harder to place so be sure and help us out with tags and shares.


4 thoughts on “Willie (Adopted!)

  1. is willie an owner surrender? What kind of temperment with small children:? I have a five year old granddaughter that visits regularly!


    • This is the webmaster. I am not on site at the shelter so am unable to answer this, but you might give the shelter a ring tomorrow and they should be able to answer all of your questions! 254-559-1194 or 254-559-2106. Thanks for your interest in Willie!! ❤


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