Ira (Adopted!)

Need some energy in your life? Need someone to help you be motivated to walk or jog? Well IRA is just the girl to help you!! IRA has a lot of border collie in her along with some terrier we believe. She is loving, gets along with other dogs, likes to play, would love loads of her own toys and will make someone a great sidekick. She isn’t very big so she would be good in an apartment as long as she got to go on long leashed walks or runs. If you know someone looking for a great buddy then please tag them but share with everyone so we can get this ball of energy to her new home!!!

Adoption Application


2 thoughts on “Ira (Adopted!)

    • This is the website administrator. I am not on-site at the shelter, so I’m not sure of Ira’s age, but if you’ll call 254-559-1194 or 254-559-2106 they will be able to find out for you. Thanks for your interest in our Ira! ❤


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