Hunter (Rescued!)



What is a 2 month old baby doing roaming the streets??? What are people thinking when they get a puppy and don’t take care of him??? This is HUNTER… a 2 month old male Labrador Retriever found roaming the streets fending for himself.

He is sweet, kind hearted, gets along with other dogs, playful and would make a great family or singles dog!

If you would like to give HUNTER a wonderful home and the love he deserves just send us your adoption application! And if you aren’t adopting, please share and send prayers that this sweet boy find his forever home soon.


2 thoughts on “Hunter (Rescued!)

    • Hi, Erica, and thanks for your interest in Hunter! One of our shelter staff is going to check on this tomorrow. I am the webmaster and not at the shelter and will not have computer access for a couple of days, so you might give the shelter a ring tomorrow at 254-559-1194 or 254-559-2106 to be sure. Thanks for contacting us! 🙂


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