Traveler (Adopted!)



Here is TRAVELER… a purebred border collie intact male that gets his name from wandering. It took us a long time to capture this fellow because he was very elusive but once we did, he became a dream boat! He rolls over seeking belly rubs and even hugs.

He is a beautiful fellow and all he needs is a good home. He would make a great ranch hand if any body is looking for a loving easily trained smart partner! Just give us an application if you are looking for a great pal!!!

Not adopting…?  Then give TRAVELER your prayers and shares. He needs a loving and busy home!


2 thoughts on “Traveler (Adopted!)

  1. Is this pup still available!? We live on 20 acres by Brownwood Lake. We have one Border Collie, but would love to have one more to work stock. The one we have is our baby, but there is room for more. We can send pics…


    • Hi, Kimberly, and thanks for your interest in Traveler! I believe he is still available for adoption. I am the website manager and am not on site at the shelter, so you might contact them directly at 254-559-2106 to be sure! 🙂


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