Suzie (Rescued!)



This little girl came to us as a puppy back in late September last year. She came with her litter siblings and all were destined for rescues but they played a little too rough with each other and this girl came out the loser and somehow broke her hip. Meet SUZIE.

SUZIE has had two surgeries to fix her hip and now you can’t tell she has ever had any issues except occasionally she will hold up her leg. SUZIE is now about 6-7 months old, has the best personality anyone could ask for, loves kids, other dogs and cats and is looking for a good home where she can love and be loved in return. Isn’t she a doll????  SUZIE is also fully vetted, has had all of her vaccinations, is spayed and is medical cleared.

If you are looking for a small to mid size lover girl, SUZIE is the one!!!! Just give us your information HERE. And if you can’t adopt, please give SUZIE your shares and prayers and let’s get this girl home!



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