Sally (Rescued!)



Our little SALLY girl tested Heartworm positive right after we posted her for adoption. She has been treated and this week she tested Heartworm negative. YIPPEE!!!! So now our beautiful little girl is up for adoption again.

SALLY is an Australian Kelpie mix that is approximately 3 years old. She is mid size, only weighing 26 pounds, and is spayed. So she has passed the puppy stage and won’t require any further vetting other than normal annual check-ups and vaccinations.

What more could you want?? A beautiful and healthy adult girl. And in case you didn’t know it….Australian Kelpies are one of the smartest dog eyed, quick thinking, workaholics!!! And on top of that…add SALLY’s loving devotion and you’ve got the BEST!!!

Interested? Simply give us your application HERE. Can’t adopt? Then please give SALLY your prayers and shares. She has been through a lot and has come out on top!!! She deserves a good home!!!



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