Sparkplug (Rescued!)



Say hello to little SPARKPLUG!!! This little guy got a beautiful groom job but he is groomed like a schnauzer when in all actuality he is a YORKIE!! 🙂 And he is a beautiful Yorkie, too!!!

SPARK PLUG is 2 years old and is already neutered. He would love to come live with someone that wants to give him all the love he could handle!! Could that be you? If so, just give us your application! SPARKPLUG is ready to ignite your heart!!! And if you can’t adopt…then give this little guy a share or a tag!! He appreciates all the help he can get!


2 thoughts on “Sparkplug (Rescued!)

    • Sparkplug was rescued yesterday. I’m sorry I’m just now getting his status updated. Thank you for considering one of our animals, and I hope you’ll follow us in case there is someone else you think might be your forever friend… 🙂


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