Amos (Rescued!)



Introducing AMOS…a macscruffybottom Yorkshire Terrier. We are not sure how old this little guy is but we are certain he is small, irresistible, and wants a home where he can be king. AMOS has a little underbite but it makes him all the more irresistible. Right now AMOS is a little scared and restless but we are certain that given a warm loving home and a little grooming, this guy is going to strut like he owns the place.

Want to give AMOS that love and attention he so deserves? Just give us your application HERE. Want to help AMOS find his peeps? Share him and send up some prayers. He deserves a loving home!!!


2 thoughts on “Amos (Rescued!)

    • I am the website manager and not physically at the shelter. Send an email to the Humane Society President through our contact page, and she can provide you with additional information. Thanks so much for your interest in Amos…! ❤


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