Rick (Adopted!)



Fight or flight…that is what we humans do with situations that are stressful….so does little RICK….he is a fighter…not a runner…bound to stand his ground if he is scared. Well, we got him over that hump but you need to know he may be that way until he finds his furever loving home with his peeps.

RICK is a little terrier mix..about 12 months old…found wandering the streets taking care of himself against whatever he might encounter even if he is only eight and a half pounds. A survivor!

Want to help this little guy not fight for life anymore, settle down and be a lover boy like he wants? Just give us your application. This little macscruffyness needs love…if you have it… No room but still have the love? Shares and prayers will work for this little guy!!!


2 thoughts on “Rick (Adopted!)

    • This is the website manager. I am not on-site at the shelter, but as far as I know, Rick is still available. We are open on weekends by appointment only. Give Kathy a call at 254-559-2106, and she can confirm availability and arrange an appointment for you! 🙂


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