Tarly (Rescued!)



You know that image that is circulating the internet called “the saddest dog in the world”? Well…as I recall, that dog perked up 24 hours after being brought in….but this little guy hasn’t. Meet TARLY- a 44 lbs ROTTIE mix puppy – probably about 10 months old. Owner surrender…….yep…cute puppy when little but then they grow up a little and need training and are no longer wanted. NOT FAIR!!!!

This little guy is broken-hearted. He is going to be a big fellow so he will need some place with some room…but he needs someone with a big enough heart to hold the love he has to give. I know someone is there for him. Let’s find them this weekend!!!!  Send in your adoption application HERE. TARLY is in Breckenridge, TX.


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