Remi (Rescued!)



“If I smile at you will it make your day better? Well, here then… I give you a smile!” That’s just the way REMI is…willing to do anything and everything to make your life better!


REMI is approximately 4 years old and a pure Yellow Labrador Retriever. When we found this little girl she had tire marks but there are no injuries so we almost named her LUCKY. I guess we could call her Lucky REMI!. This girl is good with kids and dogs but is not so good around the kitties. She is a pretty big girl weighing close to 55 pounds but is such a lover girl. She will make someone a great companion and, if allowed, bed warmer!


Interested in our REMI so you can get her smile every day? Simply complete an adoption application HERE. Can’t adopt? Then please share her smile because someone out there needs it today…and perhaps every day. REMI is in Breckenridge, TX.

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