Cha Cha (Adopted!)

Cha Cha2

Cha Cha – MALE

The story was “I’m moving and can’t taken them with me”…I guess that is like “my landlord said I can only have one and I couldn’t decide so here”….or some other inane excuse that one might use for “owner surrender”. We understand those times when it is beyond control…we don’t understand these.

CHA CHA is an intact male that is 7 years old, also good with older kids and other doggies.

Romeo2 Romeo3

Romeo – MALE

ROMEO (black and white) is 9 years old!!!!!!! He is not neutered but we might be able to help with that. He is a Rat Terrier mix that is good with older kids and other doggies.

Both brought to the shelter because of a “move” ……UGH!!!!!! These babies are seniors and now must adapt to new family and new circumstances!!!! It would be good to keep them together if we can but we are willing to split if necessary.

Please Please Please… share these babies so we can find them a new home that will not give them up because of a “move” and that will love, honor and cherish them throughout the remaining days of their lives!!!! ROMEO and CHA CHA are in Breckenridge TX.

Adoption Application


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