Baxter (Adopted!)



While many of the dogs we get come with heart breaking stories and histories, some are worse than others. BAXTER’s is one of those “worse” cases.

BAX was brought to us by a caring citizen who found him in her front yard – wounded and bleeding – from a gunshot wound to the head. Someone shot this poor boy and left him for dead, but their shot had not been lethal.  Instead the bullet entered BAXTER’s snout and bullet fragments went through him. He was rushed to the vet where he had life saving surgery and the bullet fragments were removed.

BAXTER is healing now, and what is so remarkable about this boy is that he has no hard feelings against any human. He is still trusting and happy and willing to please. We think BAXTER is about 2 years old. He is not neutered and seems to be good with other doggies and all people. This boy deserves a loving and good home and we would like to find him one quickly.

If you are someone that can give this boy a lot of love and help make up for some inexcusable human cruelty, send us your adoption application! If you know someone that would like to have a good dog like BAXTER, please tag his post. Whatever you do, please SHARE SHARE SHARE. Baxter deserves a better life than the one he has been handed thus far.



2 thoughts on “Baxter (Adopted!)

  1. I sure hope Baxter finds a good home – he is the sweetest dog you will ever meet, he was at my house for a couple days, he is completely house trained, did not chew anything up at all – got along very well with my male dog – just an awesome dog – – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give him a home.


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