Bella (Rescued!)



Most of our pups steal the photographer’s heart…but this little girl….This little girl ran away with it!!!

Meet BELLA, the sweetest, dearest, cutest, most special little girl EVER. This girl smiles, falls apart and melts when you love on her, has quivering lips when she has to take medicine and is simply a JOY and a DELIGHT to be around. BELLA is a mutt/mutt mix that will make her one of the healthiest and happiest and bestest pups you can imagine! She is just under 1 year old and weighs 40 pounds.

She is everything you could want in a pup and if she has sneaked into your heart like she did the photographer’s, you better hurry over to the web site and fill out an application because once the news gets out, this girl is going home with someone special! If you can’t adopt, BELLA would appreciate your shares and prayers. This HAPPY GIRL is gonna find a home fast…we just know it!!!


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