Big Red (Rescued!)

Big Red


You may never meet a more loving dog than our BIG RED. This big guy is as sweet as pure cane sugar….and we know he probably had a good home because he was well cared for but he was found running the streets and highways without collar or tags so now he needs to go to a better good home…one that will keep him safe.

BIG RED is a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier…he is approximately a year old, is not neutered and weighs about 60 pounds. This big guy would be good with kids and other dogs … probably not good with cats.

If you have a loving and safe home for him, he is the fellow for you! Just complete an application here. If not adopting then hit that share button and send up lots of prayers because our pitties are the hardest to get adopted. This is a good, good boy, and really needs a loving safe home. BIG RED is in Breckenridge Texas…remember we transport all over the United States and parts of Canada so don’t let where you live stop you.

top you.


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