Mannie (Rescued!)



Hi!! My name is MANNIE, what’s yours? I’m a 12 month old intact male Labrador Retriever mix – whatever all of that means. All I know is that I like to play and run and give kisses and I would like to have a human or two or more! I had one once, but they got tired of me even though I wasn’t tired of them. Could you and I give it a go? I will do everything I can to not disappoint you.

I like other doggies too so if you have one or two, all the merrier for us, right? Just just fill out an application for me…MANNIE…that’s me. I am packed and ready when you are. 

If you don’t have a place for me, that’s ok….but would you please help me by sending up a few prayers and hitting that share button. The gal at the keyboard said that’s what gets me noticed. Thanks. Oh…and I’m in Breckenridge Texas


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