Bronc (Rescued!)



I would like to introduce you to our little Mr. BRONC…a 4 month old Labrador Retriever/Catahoula mix with a special story all his own. He was found by a creek, badly injured after something wild had attacked him. He was brought to us near death and we took him to our vet who worked on/with him for 3 weeks …. With his condition, many would have euthanized… but this little guy was a fighter and we and our vet fought with him.

Now…Just look at him…isn’t he beautiful?? He has some scars…some he will always have…but for the most part he has healed well. Now he just needs a loving home and someone that will be good to him …. could that be you? Are you that special someone??? If so, send us your application. And if you can’t adopt, then please give BRONC your prayers and shares so he can find a loving furever home. BRONC is in Breckenridge Texas


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