Theo (Adopted!)



THEO is a Basset Hound/Great Pyrenees cross…a shorty with long hair. This beautiful boy is captain of his ship … probably a product of his past where he was left to fend for himself in the country. THEO is about 18 months old, neutered and ready to be in his own home. He would like to be an only doggie and have adult parents only.

If you would like to give this boy his new home and love him like he has never been loved before, just visit our web site and complete an online application. THEO needs lots of shares and prayers so he can find his new home. Please hit that share button before scrolling on….. THEO is in Breckenridge, Texas.


2 thoughts on “Theo (Adopted!)

    • As far as I know, Theo is still available! I am the website manager, and I am not physically at the shelter. Give Kathy a ring a 254-559-2106 or send her an email through the contact page, and she can let you know for sure. Thanks so much for your interest in Theo…! ❤


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