Queen (Adopted!)

Updated 5/8/15:  Happy day!!  Queen has been adopted by the Wesley family of Merkel, TX!  Queen is such a lucky girl (and we think the Wesley’s are too)!!  Be blessed, Queen!!



And if you have a PRINCE and a PRINCESS, it just naturally follows there must be a QUEEN somewhere. Well, indeed, there is. MISS QUEEN is a 3-4 year old Chihuahua that is very very shy but once she is over that, she is friendly and cuddly. MISS QUEEN is good with kids and doggies and likes to play once she is comfortable with you. QUEEN only weighs 8 pounds so she is not going to take up much room in your lap.

If you have a lap to share, give us a call at 254-559-2106 or fill out an online application. Of course, if you can’t adopt, we really want you to give QUEEN your shares!!! WE HAVE THESE THREE CHIHUAHUAS THAT NEED GOOD LOVING HOMES!!!!


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