Scamper (Rescued!)



SCAMPER is an adult intact male RAT TERRIER/AUSTRALIAN KELPIE mix. SCAMPER is about 2 years old and weighs about 25 pounds. This was his first day at the shelter so he was a little scared. Normally, SCAMPER is very friendly and submissive but he is ALWAYS a little shy. SCAMPER needs a loving and secure home where he can feel safe and protected and loved.

If you would like to love this little shy boy, please give us a call at 254-559-2106 or complete an online application.  If you can’t adopt, please give SCAMPER your prayers and shares!!


2 thoughts on “Scamper (Rescued!)

  1. Scamper is now Skyler. He lives in Colorado and is very very loved! He has many friends and a great life and could not be happier!


    • So happy to hear that SKYLER (!) has such a loving home! I have three dogs and a cat from the Breckenridge shelter, and they are all wonderful… I know Skyler is too! Thanks for taking this sweet boy in!! ❤


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