Domino (Rescued!)



Here is our precious Basset Hound mix we named DOMINO! We named her this because she was found where a group of gentlemen meet to play dominoes. MISS DOMINO is about 2 years old, not spayed, weighs about 22 pounds and is scared. She is so scared we are afraid she will run if she gets loose so we are very careful with her when taking her for walks. She has the build of a basset hound, being low to the ground and has those soulful eyes. She so needs to find a loving home where she can learn to trust and love. Let’s find MISS DOMINO that home soon!

We assist with spay, vetting and transport when possible. We move dogs all over the USA so don’t let where you live stop you if you are interested!!! Please call us at 254-559-2106 or 325-370-8554 or complete an online adoption application. If you can’t adopt, please give us your shares and prayers.


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