Calli (Adopted!)

Updated 3/15/15: Calli has been adopted by the Kime family in Breckenridge!  Blessings to ALL of the Kimes, and keep in touch with us!!



We would like to introduce you to our beautiful MISS CALLI, our young female purebred Border Collie. MISS CALLI is good with kids…in fact the breed loves children….and good with other doggies. If you could say yes to all of the good things about a doggie, you would have to say it about MISS CALLI. She is LOVING and FRIENDLY and PLAYFUL and SUBMISSIVE and ENERGETIC and SMILES ALL OF THE TIME and LOVES TO HUG!!!!!! Let find this beautiful 10 month old girl her FUREVER home TODAY!!!!

If you would LOVE to adopt MISS CALLI, call us at 254-559-2106 or complete our online application.  If you can’t adopt, SHARE SHARE SHARE. MISS CALLI needs a place where she can run and love and be happy. The shelter is NO PLACE for her!!! CALL US TODAY!!!!


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