Checkers (Adopted!)

Updated 3/7/5:  Oh happy day — Checkers has been adopted by the Luz family in Wall, TX!!  We know they are going to LOVE Checkers, and he will LOVE them too!!



This little guy seems like he can see all the way into your soul!!  These sweet pups will not be ready for adoption until mid-March, but you can apply to adopt them now; if you are approved, we will hold them for you!  Hopefully, they will all have good homes waiting for them by the time they’ve had all their shots!

Checkers is a Collie and Catahoula Leopard Dog mix – and did I mention that he has the most soulful eyes?  These pups…  I can smell the puppy breath just looking at the pictures!  Complete an online adoption application if you’re interested in Checkers, and if you can’t adopt, please share so that he can find his furever home!!!


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