Carlos (Adopted!)

Updated 3/1/15:  Yea!!!  Our sweet little Carlos has been adopted by the Mitchell family in Olney, TX!  Be blessed, little man, and keep in touch!!



I am 6.4 pounds of quivering wonder that my human friends call CARLOS. I escaped from my previous world because it was so bad but now have found warmth and loving with the SCAS staff. They tell me I can find a great home because I am so pretty but I must ask….”How is this possible, I was always pretty!” I would love for someone to show me!!! They tell me they work magic… I will wait and see….

I am little..and agile…I can flip myself into your lap in the blink of an eye. Don’t believe it?? Come see me…I’ll show you! 🙂 I love kitties and doggies and my new caretakers called humans. I can be YOURS…ME …. CARLOS… just ask… call 254-559-2106 or complete an online adoption application….I’m worth it… I promise!!! xoxo


12 thoughts on “Carlos (Adopted!)

  1. I am interested in adopting Carlos. I have other Chihuahuas ND I think he would fit quit well. Has he been fixed and update to date on his immunizations, and microchip. And how much is the fee to adopt.


    • No, he has NOT been adopted yet. He has had a couple of applications but they have not been the right fit for him. We’d LOVE for you to apply… keep working on your husband! LOL LOL Paws Crossed!

      Stephens Co. Humane Society

      PS: So glad to hear that you are enjoying Rio so much. Makes our heart smile!


  2. Ok. You must be completely honest with me. We know it will be difficult for any dog to adapt to such a huge move. I need to know the condition of his teeth, whether or not he tested heartworm positive, if he is house trained, how is he with larger dogs (I have 2 corgis) in addition to Rio aka Tex and my chiweenies. None of these conditions are make or break, but I hav to fully know what to expect. After all, I’m pitching this to my husband who usually gives in, but also expects me to hard sell him. Additional photos would be appreciated. I’ll print them out and hang them everywhere.


    • Hello Nancy,
      I’ll share the latest on Carlos with you. He is presently in a home with a family on a trial basis to see how he gets along with their dog. So we are in a HOLDING position until they have time to see how he does. Of course, when you all ready have a dog, you need to consider that dog first. It is wise of them to “try” Carlos out first.
      We know Rio aka Tex has a terrific home with you and your husband. I actually use a picture of him with his little cow boy hat in a Power Point presentation that I do about the Shelter. So, I’ll keep you posted on how things go for Carlos!
      Thanks for your love of our fur babies…..Stephens Co. Humane Society


      • Well, I hope he works out where he is. I can’t get him out of my mind, but with 5 dogs, I hardly am deprived. I just want him to live happily ever after. Thanks for responding. Tex says hi. He runs this place now.


  3. You are the BEST! Thanks for keeping an eye out for Carlos. I promise we won’t forget you. We are still in a HOLDING pattern on him. I promise I will keep you posted. I will be talking with our Humane Society President today for an update. We are in the middle of a ice storm, so everyone is staying inside! I’ll be in touch.


    • Not a problem We are also in an ice storm here in Maryland. This weather just won’t stop! I have no idea how the transport people will be able to head north.


  4. Hello Nancy,
    I know you have talked with Kathy…..GOOD NEWS! Carlos has been adopted by a wonderful local family, who like you have adopted from us before. We are very excited for him. Thank you for being such a champion for Carlos! Keep in touch and we’d love pictures of Tex!


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