Howie (Adopted!)

Updated 2/26/15:  Oh happy day – Howie has been adopted by the Smith family in Lago Vista, TX!  Be blessed, little man!!



Its a sad day for HOMELESS HOWIE…our little HOMELESS HOWIE is a hound mix male puppy. He is only about 8 weeks old and it seems no one wants him since his owner gave him up. That is a rough way to start out in the world, don’t you agree??

And what is not to love about this little boy???? He is healthy, good with kids and dogs and cats and wants to play like all little puppies but he doesn’t have any friends or family. 😦 Please….let’s help little HOWIE find some furever companions and family!!! Get your sharing fingers going!

We can transport all over the United States and sometimes can help with the cost when possible….so don’t limit your shares!!! If you are interested in little HOWIE,  fill out an application online. HOMELESS HOWIE needs a home!!!



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