Rip (Adopted!)



SAY HELLO TO RIP!!!!!! RIP is an intact adult male purebred Border Collie. RIP was unwanted so his owner turned him in to the shelter. RIP is good with kids, dogs AND cats!!!!! He is friendly, submissive, playful and gentle. He weighs 50 pounds and is a gorgeous red/white fur.

Border Collies are cited as the most intelligent of dogs and typically are the most energetic, acrobatic and athletic of all dog breeds. This fellow is a winner, all the way around! Please contact us or complete an adtoption application.  If you cannot adopt RIP, please give him the prayers, cares and shares so RIP’s fur ever family can find him.

(And please forgive the website manager who inadvertently neglected to post Rip on our webpage – I understand he is in HIGH DEMAND and that his absence here has been missed!!!)

Rip2 Rip3



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