James (Adopted!)



JAMES is a gorgeous male Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepherd mix. He is approximately 1 year old and weighs about 52 pounds. He is friendly and playful and good with other dogs and people He is not aggressive, is very sensitive and has a ton of facial expressions to go with those beautiful markings. JAMES in locked in a cage at the shelter in Breckenridge, TX.   JAMES is not neutered YET but we assist with that when possible. We can arrange transport ALL over the USA.  If you are interested, please complete an application online!

James2a James3


7 thoughts on “James (Adopted!)

  1. I made a comment on your FB page – I am interested in him! I’ve been wanting a 2nd dog for company. I’ve always had 2 dogs – so they will be company for each other. My other Aussies have passed away from old age and cancer. Lost the last one 1 1/2 years ago. We have a rescue female boxer – were approved by Legacy Boxer Rescue people to adopt. I have a fenced yard and can take him to work with me if I choose to. (I own the business). I hope he likes to ride in cars. I’ve had a red Healer in the past – cattle dogs are so wonderful!


    • He is not house broken yet, as he lives in the Shelter and does not have the option of going out when he needs to. However, he is about a year old, smart as a whip and should learn quickly. I foster dogs from the Shelter from time to time and they have all learned quickly that were his age. Puppies take longer just because they are so much younger. He is not trained now, but I believe he is a quick learner! Hope that helps.

      Stephens Co. Humane Society


      • Thank you for replying. I am very interested in him however I live in Kansas. The neutering isn’t an issue. However I am recently disabled with a degenerative disc disease. While I am home all day I would be able to take him out and walk with him I wouldn’t be able to run with him. Could you please send a little more information on his energy and if you think this would not make a good match for him. He is beautiful. I also read that he tolerates cats. I have 2 in the house. He would also be living in the house. (If you have received another email similar to this one I apologize, when I sent I received a notice it didn’t generate a send).


      • Theresa,
        I’m going to send your email to our Humane Society President, Kathy so she can talk with you. Could you please send me your phone number, so you two can visit about James? I think she will be able to answer your questions better than I. She has been doing adoptions for years and has a real gift for matching up dogs with the right home. I’ll send her this note and yours and I’ll look forward to getting your phone number. Thanks,
        Stephens Co. Humane Society


      • Theresa,
        I talked with our Humane Society President. She knows the dogs best and as I said, she has done this for years. She does not think James is a good fit for you as she fears he would be too young and active for you. You both share the same hesitation.
        However, we would love for you to find the right dog. May I sign you up to receive and email notifying you each time we post a new dog to our site? That way you could easily follow us and by the same token we will keep you in mind when we see a dog that would work for you and your cats. I hope you are not too disappointed. Please let me know if you would like me to set you up with the emails.
        Thanks for caring about our fur babies,
        Stephens Co. Humane Society


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