Larry (Adopted!)

Updated 1/21/15:  Larry is in the process of being transported to his new home in New Jersey with the Parker family.  Be blessed, Larry!!


This is Larry, brother to Curly and Moe, three Lab pups who were surrendered to the shelter.  Larry is just a big ol’ hunk of puppy love!!

Larry is still growing and is not yet neutered.  He is playful and cute and is good with other dogs, cats, and kids!  He has a distinctive little ridge of hair on his back that stands up all the time – so cute!

All Larry wants in life is to be loved and wanted by someone.  Let’s help him find his fur-ever home!

Our adoption fee is always just $25 to a good and loving home.

Larry2 Larry3


2 thoughts on “Larry (Adopted!)

  1. Looking to inquire about possible adopting of Larry or Curly, was sure how to fill out application due to link states not available. I am located an hour east of Dallas.


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