Benny (Adopted!)

UPDATED 1/5/15: HAPPY TAILS UPDATE: Bennie is going home to his new mom, Korina Magness! She was our FIRST online adoption application and has been patient with us during the holidays with businesses closed! It has paid off! Congratulations….he’ll be waiting for you! Live happy ever after little man and enjoy the LOVE!



Awwwwww…..This is baby Benny! He is only about 6 months old and was found before Christmas lost! This little man is a Dachshound mix who is so adorable he looks like a stuff toy! Like any puppy, we don’t know how he is with other dogs, cats or children, but he do know he is not aggressive and is patiently waiting for YOU to ADOPT him.

Our adoption fee is always only $25 to a good and loving home!



4 thoughts on “Benny (Adopted!)

  1. we are interested in adopting Benny. Could you let us know if he’s available? If so, when will someone be at the shelter? We love the new website!!!


    • Isn’t Benny the cutest little guy you’ve ever seen?! The website builder / moderator is in Lubbock, TX, so the best way to check Benny’s availability is to call one of the numbers on the “Contact Us” page and / or fill out the online adoption form. And thanks for your kind words!!


  2. Benny took my breath away, made me cover my mouth and my heart warmed up. My daughter’s dog Gator was stolen two months ago and she has not been the same since. He was spoiled rotten. Gator went everywhere with us. Gator came down with parvo even after getting his injections. He was at the vet 13 days and we would go visit him everyday. My daughter would spend hours just talking to him in his kennel trying to give him survival pep talks. $1,300 later and he survived. Two weeks later he was stolen from our yard and my daughter Jacey was devestated. I have been looking for a dog for her for her birthday this month. I feel she is ready to move on and love another. BENNY is absolutely perfect. I have not seen anything so cute in a long time. I would love to be able to add Benny to our family and the look on my daughter’s face I know would be priceless. Please let me know when you read this if Benny is still available. Thank you so much, Jessica


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