Callie (Adopted)



CALLIE is approximately 1 year old, litter box trained, and a sweetie pie temperament. She is not spayed, but we help with that when possible. CALLIE is living at the Breckenridge animal shelter and need your prayers, cares, and shares.

Our adoption fee is always only $25 to a good and loving home!


4 thoughts on “Callie (Adopted)

    • Hi, Meagan, and thanks for your comment / question! I (the website administrator) live off from the shelter so I am not sure of the answer. You can email the people at the shelter directly using the contact form on the “Contact Us” page and they could let you know. Or you can call one of the phone numbers for “Adoptions & Animal Inquiries.” They would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about Callie. Thanks for visiting our page and for your interest in our Callie! (BTW, I think she’s beautiful too…!)


  1. I would love to adopt Callie. I live in Albany. I think she’s beautiful. What type of cat food does she eat? We lost our fur baby 2 years ago to feline cancer. I didn’t think I would ever want another cat, but I’m ready. She will have a great life with us. It’s just my spouse and I. Were retired, can give her all our time as well as love…


    • I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. Losing a pet is hard… You can never “replace” them, but eventually you can love another. 🙂 I got my two dogs from SCAWC after I lost my old ones, and they bring joy to my life every day! I (the website administrator) live off, so I’m not sure what kind of food she’s on right now, but if you’ll call one of the numbers for “Adoptions & Animal Inquiries” (on the “Contact” page) they can answer all your questions about her. Thanks for visiting our website and for your interest in our Callie!


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